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AGERIS is the marketplace for modular automation engineering

AGERIS brings together the knowledge and experience of numerous plant automation engineers, programmers and integrators.

AGERIS is a marketplace where components for automation projects can be purchased, but also where own products can be offered for sale. 

Our aim is to enable you to complete automation projects faster while minimising risk. 

Unfortunately, we are currently only available in German 🇩🇪 However, we are working on being able to offer our international community more information soon. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Discover modularity in action


Are you looking for high-quality, tried-and-tested components for your automation systems in the field of 'loading and unloading machines'? Then take a look at our first selection of products.

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Be/Entladeschacht für Europalette - unterbrechungsfrei
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Modulares SPC /  NIO Band (2 Umlaufbänder)
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Modulares SPC /  NIO Band (Umlaufband + Schublade)
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Standfuß schwer
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Standfuß leicht
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Grundplatte Korbablage
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Lader 5.0

AGERIS - Your one stop shop platform for modular automation engineering

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to transform the automation industry by moving away from expensive and slow custom machine building and paving the way for a modular future. Our vision is to provide automation manufacturers with a platform where they can find high-quality subsystems and standardised components to build more efficient and flexible automations, making them faster while minimising risk in projects

AGERIS as a market place

Knowledge and expertise are essential for automation engineering. However, staff shortages and time pressure make it difficult to familiarise oneself fully with every topic. We are convinced that everyone should only do what they do best and, instead of constantly reinventing the wheel themselves, should buy in knowledge and expertise in the form of products. 

You too can provide and sell automation components developed by your company to a global target group

Our Community: getting better together

Buying knowledge in the form of subsystems speeds up the construction of automation systems, but high-quality components that can be delivered quickly are not everything. There is no substitute for competent, trained personnel. However, we all know how difficult it is to find the right people. Sometimes you need more skilled workers, sometimes fewer, sometimes you are desperately looking for new challenges yourself. This is exactly why we created the AGERIS Project Market. 

Place adverts free of charge if you have free capacity yourself or place a search ad to get your next project done with concentrated power.

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